Outcare is an expert non-profit provider of rehabilitation services in Western Australia. We work to the benefit of all Western Australians by supporting people to break the cycle of re-offending.

Our Beginnings

Outcare was formed in the mid 1960s at the same time as the Probation and Parole Service. Then called the Civil Rehabilitation Committee of WA, our founding aim was “to ensure that any released prisoner prepared to live a socially acceptable life should have a chance of achieving this idea”. While a lot has changed in justice and rehabilitation, this aim is still relevant today.

What We Do

Outcare specialises in working with people prior to and after their release from prison as well as those at risk of becoming embedded in the criminal justice system. We have a presence in every major correctional facility in the metropolitan area (except Wandoo) and deliver a range of services within the community. We run culturally specific programs for Aboriginal people, as well as specialist programs for people with cognitive disabilities and mental health issues. As families of prisoners need support, we offer a range of services to assist them and keep families connected.


Phone: (08) 6263 8622


27 Moore Street
East Perth WA

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
9.00 am to 4.30 pm

Our Services

Outcare are a specialist service working with offenders and ex-offenders.

One of the biggest challenges clients face when leaving prison is finding a job. This has been identified as a key factor in breaking the cycle of reoffending. Outcare’s Workforce Development Programme addresses this challenge, beginning with a one day career development course for clients to enrol in prior to release.

Accessing Outcare’s Workforce Development Programme while in prison enables clients to gain support and guidance. Our staff assist them in accessing ongoing training opportunities inside and outside the prison to improve their potential for employment along with one-to-one support throughout the work readiness process.

Acacia, Casuarina and Hakea Prisons

One day Career Development workshop
What is Career Development?
Explore what skills they have and what skills they can obtain during their time in prison.

Some of the subjects we address are:

  • Self Image – How this affects your job search and employability
    Getting along with others –interpersonal skills. What you do in prison to get along with others and will you continue these strategies on release
  • Leisure activities – find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life – what do you do for Leisure? Could this become paid employment?
  • Discuss and identify their technical, transferable and personal skills.
  • Work values – will help decide what type of work you would like
    Hollands self directed search – matching personality types to career options. 6 personality types. We then look at what training or education they can do in prison to gain new skills to help with employment on release.
  • Where to look for work – Centrelink, Job Active Providers etc. for those who don’t have employment on release we discuss what their options are and how to look for work.
  • Disclosing convictions
  • Resume Preparation
  • Goal setting – Short, medium and long term goals
  • Action planning – develop a Career Action Plan with achievable ways to reach their goals.

Wooroloo and Karnet Prisons

Work Ready Assessments:

  • Meet with all new intake prisoners to discuss what their plans are regarding employment post release.
  • Refer to relevant departments within the prison for training or education if required
  • One on one Career Guidance
  • Resume Preparation

Karnet Prison

Jail to Jobs Workshop – In depth 4 week Career Development/Job Ready workshop

Topics Covered:

  • Career Exploration
  • Career Pathway Planning
  • Self Esteem in the Workplace
  • Identifying your Employability Skills
  • Disclosing Convictions Advice
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Techniques and Preparation
  • How to Avoid Common Interview Mistakes
  • Filling in Application Forms
  • Job Searching Skills

PaulinePauline Horlin
Career Development Officer
Certificate IV Career Development
Certificate IV Employment Services
Certificate IV TAE