Wunan is an Aboriginal development organisation in the East Kimberley, with a clear purpose and strategy to drive long-term socio-economic change for Aboriginal people by providing real opportunities, investing in people’s abilities, and by encouraging and rewarding aspiration and self-responsibility.

Since establishment in 1997, Wunan has methodically built its capacity to make a difference in the East Kimberley. With a strong asset base that includes a number of commercial investments, Wunan is able to invest in innovation and carry a long term, independent strategy for change. We are committed to building partnerships with the community, business sector, and Government to make the East Kimberley a place where Aboriginal people can look forward to building a stronger and more independent future for themselves.

Today, a key objective for Wunan is to shift the balance of dependence of Aboriginal people on welfare from 80% to 20% over 20 years.This objective is based on a clear guiding philosophy that Aboriginal success grows from investing in people’s ability, real opportunity, and reward for effort. We facilitate long term and sustainable change by focusing on our strategic priorities:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Accommodation & housing
  • Living Change
  • Foundations

As an organisation we are working hard to gather a coalition of support to advocate and lobby for changes to welfare. We see that there is an urgent need to change attitudes and inspire not only Aboriginal people, but Government also.


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Wunan’s Services

Wunan’s purpose is to ensure that Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley enjoy the capabilities and opportunities necessary to make positive choices that lead to independent and fulfilling lives – essentially, to have dreams and a real chance of achieving them.

The East Kimberley enjoys burgeoning social and economic opportunities, but the challenges and barriers faced by Aboriginal people in sharing the benefits are daunting — particularly for children and young people.

At Wunan we are focused on using education, employment and accommodation to strengthen the capabilities of Aboriginal people and their families to unlock these choices and opportunities.

School Business Community Partnership

Based on the principle that support for young people is the collective responsibility of governments, education and training providers, business and industry as well as parents and families and the broader community. The program brokers sustainable and strategic partnerships between and among key stakeholders to improve education and transition outcomes and supports young people to remain engaged, or reengage, in education or training and realise their full social and economic potential.

Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY).

Wunan is proud to have been named host provider of the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY). HIPPY is an early childhood enrichment program that works with parents and carers of young children in their homes. Parents are supported by home tutors to help their preschool-age children develop their reading, writing and social skills, which helps them start school ready to learn.

Through the program, families gain confidence in their ability to nurture their child’s learning at home, school and beyond. HIPPY also aims to strengthen communities and provides training and employment opportunities for local people.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence, through HIPPY Australia, has been running the program in Australia since 1998. Former teacher and experienced early childhood educator Liz Cox is co-ordinating the program for the East Kimberley servicing both Wyndham and Kununurra.

You can find out more about the program on the HIPPY website: www.hippyaustralia.org.au or by contacting Wunan on (08) 9168 3881 – Download HIPPY Program Factsheet

Dural Education Excellence Program

The Dural Education Excellence Program (DEEP) is an innovative approach developed by Wunan to help young Aboriginal people from the East Kimberley broaden their horizons and experience opportunities not available in their region. The program offers students scholarships to Pacific Hills Christian School in Sydney and is based on a model that involves a small community of students living together in a home setting with Aboriginal house parents. This unique approach is built on the premise that Aboriginal students do better while they are away at school if they feel connected to home and culture. In addition to school, DEEP strives to provide a well-rounded range of social, leisure and sporting experiences, as well as personal development support and pastoral care.Dural Excellence Program Fact Sheet

Halls Creek Children & Family Centre

Managed by Wunan, the Halls Creek Children & Family Centre is intended to improve the health, wellbeing, education and care for young children by supporting parents and improving accessibility to services within the local community. The Children & Family Centre includes a child care facility which houses Little Nuggets Early Learning Centre.

Regional Children’s Services Plan for the Kimberley

The project, funded by Royalties for Regions under the Regional Community Child Care Development Fund is an acknowledgement by Government of the challenges faced by organisations that provide education and care services for children in country areas including the impact of distance, isolation, limited funding and the reliance on community based management committees to manage these services. Wunan, aware from our work in the region of the issues that impact on the education and care services, looks to engage with the sector to develop a range strategies to address these challenges and deliver a more strategic, long term approach to supporting sustainable models of community managed education and care services in the Kimberley.

Jobs & Skills Centre

A careers advice service that provides a range of career development services to individuals and/or groups (including schools). This is done either face to face or from a distance using help lines and web based services. The Centre’s qualified staff can assist individuals in exploring areas of career interest, required training and skills and planning towards a future career, including information relating to labour market requirements across Western Australia. The career guidance process is relevant to people who are planning for change in their lives and recognise the opportunity to attain new skills and qualifications which will support them to do this and to prepare for career options.

Driver Licence Facilitator

Driver Licence Program – The lack of a driver’s licence is a common and significant barrier for many Indigenous job seekers. Covering both Halls Creek and Kununurra areas, a program with the Department of the Attorney General focuses on clients referred by various authorities of the criminal justice system. By assisting people to navigate towards a driver’s licence by providing assistance with required steps, including identification, fine payment arrangements, facilitation of court dates and test bookings and ultimately the attainment of a Drivers Licence, the program aims to reduce recidivism by better enabling people to get jobs.Sponsored by the Department of Transport, a second program focuses on Halls Creek and the surrounding communities and aims to improve social mobility and the legal operation of motor vehicles.

East Kimberley Job Pathways

East Kimberley Job Pathways (EKJP) is a partnership venture between Wunan Foundation and East Kimberley CDEP. EKJP delivers the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) across the East Kimberley, to provide local community members with a path to employment, establish independence, and secure a better life for their families.

RJCP is a case management model, tailoring services to individual needs. This may include direct employment, training and skills development and career guidance; all designed to meet the aspirations and objectives of the client. Additionally job seekers may take part in activities in their community, to learn new skills and deliver worthwhile benefit to the community, while developing positive social norms and preparing for working life.

By linking clients to appropriate services, programs and opportunities, East Kimberley Job pathways is striving to provide opportunities to community members and bring an end to passive welfare across the East Kimberley region.

Supported Accommodation

Provides Aboriginal people who are working, have a traineeship or apprenticeship or who are studying, with a place they can live independently whilst being supported to move forward into transitional or independent housing.


Burraluba Yura Ngurra Halls Creek Workers Hostel is a much needed facility that responded to concerns from the community about poor housing options for young working people in Halls Creek. The 24 bed facility consists of single quarters with en-suite bathroom facilities, commercial kitchen, family quarters, recreation room and managers’ quarters, all of which glue together to provide safe, affordable and supported accommodation for Aboriginal people from Halls Creek and the desert communities and assist them to take up work and training opportunities.

Transitional Housing

Part of the Commonwealth investment in the East Kimberley Development Package. Transitional Housing is designed to create a strong incentive for aspiring tenants to be employed and is designed to enable this objective and encourage people to build independence and reach their potential on the housing continuum by:

  • Removing a key barrier – priority housing for workers directly addresses one of the main barriers to employment and provides a stable foundation from which participants will be able to engage in employment, education and training
  • Creating a strong incentive to be employed and stay employed – the prospect of a good house is a strong motivator for people with poor alternatives, and the risk of losing the house provides a strong incentive to maintain effort
  • Providing tailored support to help tenants succeed by building on their commitment to make positive life changes and move towards independence

Pindan Place

Built by Wunan Construction and Maintenance, Pindan Place is a 4 unit residential development that provides private rental housing to Aboriginal people (specifically families) as they establish themselves in employment.

POWERFUL RESUMES – Students/Clients discover their resume is their personal advertising brochure. We look at identifying skills. See that it is possible to create a resume from their life experiences.

NAILING THE INTERVIEW – We will explain the benefits of dressing appropriately, appropriate mannerisms, research of the position, company, Apprenticeship system etc. the importance of portfolios and to recognise their current skill base in relation to employability skills. Mock interviews booked at the Wunan office are suggested to follow this workshop.

PORTFOLIO PIECES – This workshop looks at the benefits of having a portfolio and what information is beneficial. References, resume, certificates etc in a display folder. Students will brainstorm portfolio products for various professions.

PACTS (PARENTS AS CAREER TRANSITION SUPPORT) – This small information workshop for parents explains how to assist their child with career assistance and job ready skills, what’s out there and options in employment and training. What a portfolio looks like and should have displayed in it and how to assist their youth getting to the interview.

MOCK INTERVIEWS – It has been identified to be beneficial to attend a mock interview session at the Wunan WFD office in a realistic interview setting before the real interview. Clients are to be on time, dress appropriately, bring their portfolio and ensure they have researched the position/company they have chosen. The student/client will receive verbal feedback directly following the interview and a written evaluation if needed. Nailing the interview workshop suggested to be completed first for students.

COVER LETTER/ONLINE APPLICATIONS & COLD CALL EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS – Students/Clients will learn the importance of a well written cover letters, maybe selection criteria or an online application.

WHAT EMPLOYERS WANT – Students/Clients will learn the importance of what employers are looking for in an employee. From a phone call if you cannot make work, to your presentation, OH&S, wage information, respect in the workplace, timesheets etc. Employability Skills.

SPEED CAREERING/INDUSTRY VISITS – Aims to provide young people in the Kimberley with options and opportunities to meet local businesses so they can engage in determining their own futures. Get to ask questions and maybe see workers in action. This needs to have a lot of organisation with school/organisation and Wunan – lead up 1-2 months.

CAREER GUIDANCE SESSIONS – We can come to your place of business/school or clients can come into Jobs & Skills Centre office for a one on one career guidance session and develop a Career Action Plan.

YOUR FIRST JOB – Students who are 14½ – 15yrs you can job search now! (some restrictions) Getting the skills and confidence to search for themselves, out into the market and foremost what they can do. Tips on how to source employment, an interview, face to face enquiries, writing a basic cold call letter, a phone call enquiry, what is OH&S, wages information, respect for other employees, timesheets and what’s a tax file number, bank account.

COMPUTER ASSISTANCE – Clients (maximum of 3) come into the workforce development center and over a cuppa we go through setting up an email, applying for jobs online, resume updates, cover letters, online training, email set up, getting to know your way around a laptop.

WORK EXPERIENCE SCHOOL STUDENTS – Wunan staff can meet prior to discuss encouragement and interests the students have and would like to be placed, or discuss with teacher/student the industries, organisations and or business students will be placed in and then discuss what employers will be expecting, employability skills to learn whilst placement (Daily Journals for students are available from Wunan)

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