Occupation Profiles

Occupation Profiles
Great resource for information on all types of jobs including videos from the Career Centre

The Career Centre website has a range of occupational profiles, which include a description of a job, the average salary, any education and training requirements, and an indication of job prospects in that field.

Job prospects refer to the general availability of employment for a particular career. A job prospect rating of ‘good’, ‘average’ or ‘limited’ is allocated to each career profile, depending on a variety of factors including number of advertised positions and number of recent graduates in that industry or field. Keep in mind – this rating should not necessarily discourage you from exploring a career path that interests you.

Some careers with ‘average’ or ‘good’ prospects, such as casual retail positions, may constantly advertise for new staff because of a high staff turnover, and not necessarily because there are a large number of opportunities available.

Other careers with ’limited’ prospects may only have a few openings advertised, but may have minimal applicants for those positions, providing a higher chance of employment per opening.

Additional sources of information for job prospects include industry bodies, professional associations and people working in your field of interest.

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Occupation Profiles