Resume Baking
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Short Description: A Resume Builder That's Easy as Pie!
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Simple resume builder with everything you need on one page! Quick user-friendly resume templates, and a huge selection of samples too.

Discover Hospitality
Short Description: Your online source for igniting your career in Hospitality. Discover how we can help with career information, training opportunities, exclusive job vacancies, and industry news and tips.
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The site offers career advice, training opportunities and the latest job vacancies, all in one convenient online platform, coupled with the Skills Passport industry application where you can build and promote your own professional profile and find that position that’s just right for you!

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Cover Letter Examples for 2019 [+Writing Tips]
Short Description: Cover Letter Examples for 2019 with some helpful writing tips
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Helpful blog showing some layout and examples of cover letters

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Care Careers
Short Description: Jobs And Careers Advice For The Care Sector - Australia Wide
Long Description:

Care careers is a not-for-profit initiative whose aim is to attract talented staff from all backgrounds to work in the community care and disability sector.

Our job board has expanded to meet demand for an Australia wide platform for a broad range of roles within aged care, disability, community and healthcare.

Care careers offers a fully staffed Careers Centre qualified to assist jobseekers and advertisers. Contact us on 1300 637 637 or [email protected]

Care careers is funded by Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC), Department of Family & Community Services (NSW) and delivered by National Disability Services (NDS).

Career Practitioner Roles in Schools
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This document provides an insight into the roles of Career Practitioners drawing useful comparisons.

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Blue Collar
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Short Description: is a leading Trades & Technical job board matching skilled blue collar workers to Australian manufacturing, construction, mining and agricultural businesses.
Long Description: is Australia's original niche job board, advertising jobs in the technical, trade and service sectors since 2003.

Industry leaders including Comdain, Arrow Energy, Alex Fraser and Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology choose to advertise on BlueCollar and as a result, over 6,000 Job Seekers search for jobs on BlueCollar each month.

For advertisers, this niche job board offers targeted advertising to Job Seekers specifically interested in the BlueCollar sectors, for a one off flat fee.

How to Dress For a Job Interview
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Whether we like it or not, first impressions are important. During interviews, in particular, first impressions are everything.

Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you, and it can take as little as a tenth of a second for the interviewer to form an initial opinion about your suitability for the job.

So, if first impressions are largely defined by the choice of clothes, you need to make sure your attire is nothing less than perfect. With the tips and suggestions on this webpage, you can be sure to tick all the boxes for a successful first impression!

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Resume Examples for Your 2019 Job Application
Short Description: Resume Examples and Guides for 2019 Job Application
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Some excellent example resumes and practical guide to information and layout. Able to produce a free single page resume in a range of basic templates to assist in getting a resume started

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Midwest Jobseeker
Short Description: Midwest Jobseeker provides service delivery contracted through the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD)
Long Description:

Joblink Midwest was established in 1988 and is headed up by Leon Norris and his dedicated team. The board of management comprises of representatives from local business, government and providers of education and training services which ensures a grass roots understanding of local needs is maintained.

The Midwest Jobseeker website provides a resource to assist both job-seekers to find employment and for employers to easily and cost effectively advertise job vacancies. Unlike other job sites the focus is on our region only and we also provide a range of employment related services to jobseekers and employers alike.

Jobseekers can either search for jobs without registering or if they choose to register for free they can upload their resume, receive job alerts and allow prospective employers to contact them. Jobseekers must be registered to display ads or contact job-seekers and registration is very quick and easy. Employers can also display their company logo and have their company featured. The level of information displayed is entirely up to the employer and they have control of how they would like their vacancies applied for.

Australian Apprenticeships
Short Description: Australian Apprenticeships are the most direct link between training and a job.
Long Description:

Australian Apprenticeships (often referred to as apprenticeships or traineeships) are available to anyone of working age. You don’t need a secondary school certificate or other qualification to be able to do an Australian Apprenticeship.

As an Australian Apprentice you can combine time at work with training as part of a full-time, part-time or school-based apprenticeship.

You can do an Australian Apprenticeship if you are a school-leaver, re entering the workforce or as an adult worker simply wishing to change careers. You can even begin your Australian Apprenticeship while you’re still at secondary school.

Australian Apprenticeships are available in a variety of certificate levels in more than 500 occupations across Australia. They are available in traditional trades, as well as a diverse range of emerging careers in most sectors of business and industry.

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Service Skills Australia
Short Description: Service Skills Australia supports training and skills development in Australia’s service industries. Their national Right Way accreditation program supports quality training delivery in the service industries.
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Service Skills Australia are a not-for-profit, independent organisation, which supports skills and workforce development in the service industries.

Their industries include retail and wholesale, sport, fitness, community recreation, outdoor recreation, travel, tourism, meetings and events, hospitality, accommodation, restaurants and catering, holiday parks and resorts, hairdressing, beauty, floristry, community pharmacy and funeral services.

The primary aim of Service Skills Australia, when developing nationally recognised training is to ensure that training is in step with the needs of employers and industry as a whole. To achieve this, they consult and engage with as broad a range of stakeholders as possible. The key stakeholder groups are: industry, both representative organisations and individual businesses; training professionals, including registered training organisations and trainers/assessors; industry regulators; and a range of state/territory and federal government bodies.

YEAR13 – What to do now!
Website Address: Year 13
Long Description:

Year 13 is brought to you by the people who have spent too many years being told what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done.

When we were kids, we were asked “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Most of us said something along the lines of “Play for the Wallabies, marry Baby Spice and be a trillionaire”. But lives change, ambitions change, the Wallabies stopped winning and sh*t got real.

We’ve broken things down and sorted it all out so you can find anything you need to know about jobs, studying, gap years, travelling, apprenticeships, money and discounts. The best part is that there are absolutely no rules.

There’s no right or wrong way…whatever you choose, just make sure it’s worth your while. Take ship tonnes of photos, get out there, balls up, have fun, give everything and anything a go and learn from your mistakes.

Create a dick drawing app; we don’t even care, because you have got the rest of your life to make up for it.

Year 13 is the first year of the rest of your life. ENJOY IT!

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Job Test Prep
Short Description: Practice psychometric tests online at JobTestPrep. Professional, tailored preparation resources, including aptitude tests, personality test and job interviews.
Long Description:

JobTestPrep is all about preparing people for their future tests. Ever since 1992, thousands of job seekers and future students who have set themselves a goal achieved it successfully by using our professional practice tools. The JTP Advantage Pioneers in psychometric preparation The best writers, the best tests online Customer satisfaction management Privacy Experts in admission tests Internationally spread

Careers Australia
Short Description: Careers Australia provide courses through online & campus learning that equip you with the skills needed to advance your career & employment opportunities.
Long Description:

Careers Australia was established in 2006 and has grown to become Australia’s leading private provider of Vocational Education and Training.

With 15 campuses located throughout Australia, our facilities and staff offer world class academic and student support. The extensive offering of accredited short courses, apprenticeships, traineeships, certificates and diplomas we provide creates thousands of pathways into employment and further education across a range of industries.

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training.

The AQF incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework. Careers Australia is made up of a number of wholly owned Registered Training Organisations and all of our courses are recognised under the AQF. We also have a number of courses registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students, which is the government body that oversees formal international student education in Australia.

What this means is that regardless of what type of student you are, where you come from, or what course you are enrolling in, you will get the same nationally recognised, globally renowned, and industry acclaimed education at Careers Australia.

100 Aussie Job Search Sites
Short Description: The top 100 Australian Job Search Boards
Long Description:

Here's a handy list of links to 100 Australian Job Search Boards thanks to Glide Outplacement.

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Central Regional TAFE
Short Description: Central Regional TAFE provides training pathways to great opportunities and better futures
Long Description:

On the 11th April 2016 Durack Institute of Technology, Goldfields Institute of Technology Kalgoorlie Campus and the CY O’Connor Institute (Northam, Merredin and Moora campuses) formed Central Regional TAFE.

The amalgamation offers our clients an increased and extensive range of nationally recognised qualifications ranging from Certificate I through to Advanced Diploma in a wide range of industry areas. We have a campus presence in the following locations:

Geraldton (including Batavia Coast Maritime Institute and Technology Park)

Central Regional TAFE plays an important role in addressing industry’s need for an appropriately skilled workforce by delivering training that allows regional people to maximise their employment opportunities.  Alternatively we also have considerable experience in the provision of accredited and non-accredited training solutions to meet the future needs of the labour force.  Central Regional TAFE prides itself on meeting the future needs of industry and has developed strong partnerships with our local employers.

Jobs WA
Short Description: Gateway to information about employment opportunities with the Government of Western Australia.
Long Description:

There are more than 100 departments and agencies (collectively referred to as ‘agencies’) in the Western Australian public sector, ranging in size from just a few people in a single office to thousands of employees across the state. For a list of departments and agencies, please see the ‘Departments and agencies’ page on the website.

While many of these people are employed in typical government roles—such as teachers, police, fire fighters, nurses, engineers and accountants—you may be surprised to learn that the public sector also employs people in a wide variety of positions including project managers, cleaners, gardeners and veterinarians.

Website Address: Careers With Code
Long Description:


Neither do careers, or the skills that we need for the jobs of the future. Just as careers like ‘knocker uppers’ (yep it was a real job) were replaced by alarm clocks, ice cutters by refrigeration, and lamp lighters by electricity, so too are we seeing a transformation in the types of jobs we’ll need and want as a future society.

As few as eight years ago there were no Android or iOS developers – because there were no smartphones! Self-driving cars were just a dream. And 3-D printing of prosthetics wasn’t even imaginable. Yet today, all those these sectors are thriving and likely to supply many of tomorrow’s jobs.

Last year, Google helped to publish the Careers with Code guide, which showed the wide variety of careers that computer science can lead to – everything from art and music to medicine and agriculture. Demand for skilled computer scientists is growing rapidly. In this year’s guide we’ve showcased more amazing and diverse Computer Science careers in fields such as sport, gaming, health, sustainability, and more.

We need technically-capable grads with a passion to solve the really tough challenges facing the world. We hope this guide will inspire your students to take up the challenge and become the change makers, innovators, and creators of the future.

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Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre
Short Description: Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre engages and enables job seekers to connect with employers and service providers to take up opportunities in the workforce.
Long Description:

The Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre welcomes you to explore and connect to opportunities through their website or contact one of their Aboriginal Workforce Development Centres.

DTWD Customer Service Centre
GPO Building, Level 7, 3 Forrest Place, Perth WA 6000
Phone: 1800 441 043
E: [email protected]

Locations of regional Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre offices in Broome, Bunbury, Geraldton or Kalgoorlie can be found at

The Labour Market Information Portal
Short Description: The Labour Market Information Portal brings together data from a range of official sources to help you understand your local labour market.
Long Description:

You can align your search to local labour market information in each state and by industry sectors

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