ATC Midwest
Short Description: Apprentice & Traineeship Co can help you find the apprenticeship or traineeship that’s perfectly matched to your skills, personality and interests.
Long Description:

Apprentice and Traineeship Co is a not-for-profit organisation which recruits, employs and manages apprentices, trainees and labour hire for an extensive range of industries throughout the Mid West and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia.

We are the leading workforce solutions company in the Midwest, partnering with employers to effectively source, develop and manage their people needs.

We partner with committed employers and agencies using flexible and innovative approaches to engage, inspire and develop tomorrow’s leading workforce, today.

My Future
Website Address:
Short Description: myfuture is Australia’s free online career information service that assists career planning, career pathways and work transitions.
Long Description:

What does myfuture include?

a career profile tool, with activities to help you discover occupations and plan your future
profiles, videos, case studies, links and other information about a broad range of occupations and industries
up-to-date details of education and training providers, scholarships and courses Australia-wide
articles to assist you in getting started in your career, changing career direction and supporting your child as they begin their career journey
labour market information, events calendar, newsletter, printable posters, animations and other helpful tools.

100 potential Job Interview Questions
Short Description: 100 potential interview questions to think about.
Long Description:

While there are as many different possible interview questions as there are interviewers, it always helps to be ready for anything. Which is why we've taken the time to prepare this list of 100 potential interview questions.

Will you face them all? We pray no interviewer would be that cruel.
Will you face a few? Probably.
Will you be well-served by being ready even if you're not asked these exact questions? Absolutely.
Now start practicing!

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Undercover Recruiter
Website Address: The Undercover Recruiter
Short Description: Website with up to date recruitment information with great information for job-seeking.
Long Description:

Career Management, Interview Tips, Job Search, Resume Writing, Social Media, Technology - practical advice to get you into the job market.

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Discover Hospitality
Short Description: Your online source for igniting your career in Hospitality. Discover how we can help with career information, training opportunities, exclusive job vacancies, and industry news and tips.
Long Description:

The site offers career advice, training opportunities and the latest job vacancies, all in one convenient online platform, coupled with the Skills Passport industry application where you can build and promote your own professional profile and find that position that’s just right for you!

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What to wear to an interview, really
Short Description: What to wear to an interview and what to avoid to ensure you meet the expectation of the interviewer and make a good impression.
Long Description:

Your wardrobe tells its own story. You’ve been selected for an interview based on your skills and experience – but how you dress and present yourself can convey a great deal about your perceived character, values, work ethic and viability as a future employee.

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Resume Examples for Your 2019 Job Application
Short Description: Resume Examples and Guides for 2019 Job Application
Long Description:

Some excellent example resumes and practical guide to information and layout. Able to produce a free single page resume in a range of basic templates to assist in getting a resume started

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ACTU Worksite
Short Description: An educational resource providing research information for secondary and tertiary students, as well as basic industrial information
Long Description:

ACTU Worksite for schools is your place to find out about first jobs, rights at work and the role of unions in Australia.

Job Jumpstart
Short Description: Tips and ideas about careers and jobs in the one spot!
Long Description:

How Job Jumpstart can help…

Find new ways to explore careers and prepare for work by reading articles and using the tools provided.
All the information on Job Jumpstart fits into three themes:
Looking for a job;
Building a career; and
At work.

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100 Jobs of the Future
Short Description: Find your ‘job of the future’
Long Description:

What will work look like in the future?
If you are entering the workforce now you may have many jobs and even multiple careers over a lifetime! The future of work will involve people collaborating effectively with machines to do what neither can do alone. What jobs will be created in the future that don’t currently exist? How can we prepare for future jobs? What skills will be needed?

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Graduate Opportunities
Short Description: The purpose of GO is to provide you with comprehensive information about a wide range of graduate employment opportunities
Long Description:

The purpose of GO is to provide you with comprehensive information about a wide range of graduate employment opportunities, including:
- employers currently seeking graduates
- graduate programs, vacation programs, cadetships and other employment programs
- when to apply
- how to apply
- eligibility requirements
- employer contact information

If you are in your final year of study, don’t leave it until November to think about career options! Most employers recruit for their graduate programs from as early as February in the year prior to graduates taking up employment. The sooner you arm yourself with all the relevant information the better-placed you will be to land the graduate job of your dreams!

As well as our employer profiles, GO provides you with comprehensive job-hunting advice and industry profiles. It is up to you how you want to utilise the wealth of information in GO. To get the most out of it, we suggest the following “GO user tips”:

1) Take the time to read through the job-hunting advice and industry profile sections. You’ll find plenty of useful information – everything from interview advice to the latest statistics on graduate employment.

2) Browse the GO employer profiles, as well as using the career search function to sort employers by location, disciplines, work program and more.

3) Check out the profiles of professional associations relevant to your discipline, interests and long-term goals.

4) Subscribe to GO email updates.

If you are considering further study now or in the future, browse the postgraduate options section for an overview. Make sure you bookmark the GO website and visit regularly!

Job Interview Advice for Ex-Offenders
Long Description:

Going for a job interview can be nerve wracking for anyone. You’ve got to make sure that you dress appropriately, arrive on time – or just a few minutes beforehand – and have a few copies of your resume printed out to take with you. Sometimes you’ll also need copies of your qualifications.

For ex-offenders, there’s an added level of stress as you may have to answer questions about past convictions. It might seem particularly challenging to leave a positive impression in your interviewer’s mind.

If you’re an ex-offender, the key to having a great job interview experience is to ensure you’re prepared in every way possible. This website has some useful tips on how you can prepare yourself for your next interview.

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Our mission

To help every student find the perfect job. We work hard at GradAustralia to be the benchmark for quality, the most trusted provider, and to always think differently.

Our approach

GradAustralia is a rapidly scaling start-up, with a mission to help every student find the perfect job.

Jeff, Geoff and Steve launched GradAustralia in February 2015, and quickly gained traction with a portfolio of careers publications distributed to over 100,000 students nationally. Our tremendously popular Top 100 Graduate Employers Guide (supported by The Australian) circulates to figures of 50,000+ and continues to grow.

Our new online platform is cementing itself as a marketplace leader, helping to meaningfully guide young people as they make their biggest decisions moving from education to employment.

Our products help students to discover new job opportunities that they didn’t know existed, particularly those outside their immediate field of study. We offer exclusive graduate job reviews and company insider guides to help students make an informed shortlist of what jobs are a ‘fit’ for them, with a particular focus on helping students understand what elements of a company make it human. And finally, when students have decided on their perfect job, we help them apply and put their best foot forward with unrivalled careers advice and a personalised careers dashboard to keep track of all their shortlisted employers and applications.

Swimming The River
Short Description: Video describing the challengers facing Indigenous communities of the East Kimberly.
Long Description:

The solutions to the issues portrayed in the five minute video are contained in a comprehensive policy document, called Empowered Communities and Living Change. This is a promotional and motivational video to raise the awareness of our people in the Kimberley to the issues we face.

Many of our families are caught in a cycle of poverty and despair and have been stereotyped as not having the ability to break this cycle and live a better life. All families have a key role to play in breaking this cycle for themselves and need to hear what is happening and be empowered to achieve change.

There is no issue of racism – as the message is for Aboriginal people, by Aboriginal people – only a narrow minded person who does not fully understand our strategy would call it racism. The children will learn to know better if they are taught, don’t underestimate their ability to help themselves. The real issue of racism come from people who have low expectations of Aboriginal people and who do not believe they have the ability to achieve any better than what they have. This type of thinking only perpetuating the poverty lifestyle many of our people experience which is evidenced by the high incarceration rate in the Kimberley, high levels of FASD and other key indicators. Our children can be powerful motivators to change their lives, if supported and educated.

You are entitled to your opinion, but as an Elder in the East Kimberley with an extensive and dispersed family –with issues from grief to drugs, I think I am well placed to know what is working, when you have over 60 years living here, working with young people, burying their families, then perhaps you will be well placed to know what is the wrong and right way to proceed.

The traditional culture is a positive motivating force for change but even this is being undermined by the increasing prevalence of alcohol, drugs and other negative influences even on remote communities. The enhancement of culture and other positive social norms and values are a key part of our strategy to help families break the cycle of poverty but it is also imperative that our people learn to live and survive in two worlds.

There are many programs, Aboriginal Education officers, parents groups and community programs that make the white ideals into Aboriginal understanding, - there are Aboriginal schools which are successful in working in both world, perhaps you should attend one and see just how much our children do know and learn. They are our future and we need to work with them and their families to walk in both worlds with confidence and to enjoy the same standard of living everyone else takes for granted.

How to Dress For a Job Interview
Long Description:

Whether we like it or not, first impressions are important. During interviews, in particular, first impressions are everything.

Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you, and it can take as little as a tenth of a second for the interviewer to form an initial opinion about your suitability for the job.

So, if first impressions are largely defined by the choice of clothes, you need to make sure your attire is nothing less than perfect. With the tips and suggestions on this webpage, you can be sure to tick all the boxes for a successful first impression!

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Career Guide Australia
Short Description: This site offers Australian students career information and guidance to help you make the right career choice
Long Description:

Career Guide Australia offers information on:

Planning Your Career
Getting Started
Higher Education
Writing a Resume
Interview Preparation
Taking a Gap Year
Useful Links
Helpful Hints
Open Days & Events

100 Aussie Job Search Sites
Short Description: The top 100 Australian Job Search Boards
Long Description:

Here's a handy list of links to 100 Australian Job Search Boards thanks to Glide Outplacement.

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Service Skills Australia
Short Description: Service Skills Australia supports training and skills development in Australia’s service industries. Their national Right Way accreditation program supports quality training delivery in the service industries.
Long Description:

Service Skills Australia are a not-for-profit, independent organisation, which supports skills and workforce development in the service industries.

Their industries include retail and wholesale, sport, fitness, community recreation, outdoor recreation, travel, tourism, meetings and events, hospitality, accommodation, restaurants and catering, holiday parks and resorts, hairdressing, beauty, floristry, community pharmacy and funeral services.

The primary aim of Service Skills Australia, when developing nationally recognised training is to ensure that training is in step with the needs of employers and industry as a whole. To achieve this, they consult and engage with as broad a range of stakeholders as possible. The key stakeholder groups are: industry, both representative organisations and individual businesses; training professionals, including registered training organisations and trainers/assessors; industry regulators; and a range of state/territory and federal government bodies.

Skills Impact
Short Description: Skills Impact is a national Skills Service Organisation (SSO), funded by the Commonwealth Government. Skills Impact are responsible for supporting Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) in the development of units of competency, skill sets and qualifications, for use by industry and the vocational training and education sector.
Long Description:

Skills Impact:
Understands the importance of skills development.
Has in depth knowledge about vocational education and training, skills standards and qualifications.
Recognises the sustainable and economic value that grown and renewable resources, land-management based industries, and their value chains offer to the Australian economy.

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Youth Central
Short Description: Victorian Government's initiative for young people aged 12-25, offers information and advice on issues like jobs, study, travel, money and events.
Long Description:

You may have noticed that there's a lot of stuff on Youth Central: articles, reviews, news, advice, tips, games, competitions, podcasts, videos... you name it, we've got it.

Getting all of this online would be impossible without the dedicated support of our team of editors, reporters, programmers and a whole bunch of other people who help to keep this shebang live and relevant to you.

So take your time to find out more about Youth Central: why we're here, what we do and, most importantly, meet the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help keep you informed and involved.

If you like what you see, you might want to get involved yourself. Which is cool - we'd love to have you on the team! Check out our Get Published on Youth Central page for more about how you can sign up. On this website: What IS Youth Central? Get Published on Youth Central! Meet the Roving Reporters Submit an Idea Community Guidelines