Annie came to Jobs and Skill Centre Joblink Midwest in a desperate state of needing to secure stable ongoing employment. Annie was working 3 casual positions to make ends meet, but was still struggling with the fluctuating nature of unstable employment and becoming increasingly unhappy with her situation. Annie also suffered with a lack of confidence due to some personal barriers that was preventing her from applying for work.

Working closely with our Career Development officers and after some resume and job application assistance Annie applied for a full-time position. Annie was offered an interview and after some more coaching in interview skills went on to complete the interview and be offered the job. However, the job was a large commitment of hours and not a significant improvement to Annie’s situation. Buoyed by her new confidence Annie applied for an assistant manager position using the knowledge she had gained, earned another interview and after a short interview skills coaching session went onto be offered the second job.

Well done Annie on your new job and Good Luck in the future!!