After much testing, designing, more testing, re-designing and some more testing the Future Moves Online Career Card Sorts has finally launched. This allows clients to quickly and easily sort 48 personality statement cards into those that sound exactly, a lot, a little and nothing like them. With the power of the internet and excel formulas we are then able to extract the card sort results and turn it into a report that helps identify strengths, weaknesses, develop a strong personality statement, identify skills and list some potential career ideas. Dongara District High School Year 9 & 10 students have tested the online card sorting and found it to be “scary accurate” and “sounds exactly like everyone in the class”. It is now being rolled out to all of our clients as an alternative to Career Builder for those with low literacy/numeracy or perhaps don’t recognise or know their skills and strengths. The Online Card Sort Activity takes 8-12 minutes to complete and about 15-20 minutes to go through.