Client called enquiring about services and informed she was desperate to find work could she be seen ASAP, We made an appointment for that afternoon.
Client informed she had only been in Australia a couple of years from Mexico and never worked here. Prior to arriving in Australia, client had run a successful travel agency in Mexico.

When we were discussing Mexico the client started to divulge her personal history informing that moved to Australia to marry however soon turned into domestic violence relationship  which left her and daughter homeless and living out of car, finally got opportunity to gain housing in Mandurah. 

Client disclosed that she felt sorry for her daughter who at 17 was lacking confidence and she felt ashamed that she couldn’t provide better for her or assist her in gaining part time employment so could get money for her to attend events with friends, Alyson offered assistance to meet with her daughter and assist where needed for future career pathways and looking at after school jobs.
We continued at appointment to develop a resume and cover letter targeted at customer service roles as this would be the quickest employment, and highlighted clients strengths and experiences that she has already well developed.

The following day, client attended with her daughter and we tailored resume and cover letter again aimed at customer service positions. We discussed local opportunities and the benefit of cold call employers to get best outcome in short period. We discussed future career goals and instigated career development plan to commence in the upcoming weeks to look at 2018 study options.

Both clients were provided with resources to assist with cold canvassing, this included plan outline, telephone spiels, and presentation guides, copies of resume and cover letters and list of retailers and hospitality venues to target.

Within a week both mother and daughter have gained employment at a local Mexican restaurant opening this month in Mandurah, they came in with tears of happiness and said they could never thank Alyson enough for not only helping to get them both a job but for taking the time to listen to her story and helping her to get her life back on track.