Jo Laird first attended Directions’ Career Centre in February 2017 to get assistance with creating a resume to look for suitable employment to progress in her retail career. Jo has a genuine interest in community based roles with extensive employment experience in retail roles where she has developed excellent rapport with customers. Jo has also had many opportunities to participate in community volunteer projects which she also enjoys.

 Career Development Officers completed a career action plan with Jo which led to her receiving identified services to help her in her career journey.  Jo completed a resume template and receiving resume advice to develop a well-designed and descriptive resume that highlighted her key skills and strengths to market herself to prospective employers.

After only a few applications, Jo has now secured an Assistant Manager role at a new retail store in Northam. In her new role she is able to focus on providing excellent customer service to the local community, challenge her skills in sales and marketing and focus on the training and development of current and new staff members in the future.

Jo commenced her new role prior to the store opening, and Career Centre staff were able to attend the grand opening for the store to celebrate with Jo and the local community. Congratulations Jo!