Angelica is a local lady who recently closed her own small business and is studying part-time and working towards a Bachelor of Accounting. Angela had been looking for work that would compliment her studies so she could get some on the job experience in the industry of her choice. Unfortunately she had not been having much luck and was only receiving rejection letters from her applications.

Feeling dejected Angelica scheduled several appointments for career guidance, resume and cover letter assistance with EPIC’s Career Centre staff member Kath Armstrong. Her resume was re-formatted to successfully highlight her wealth of experience and qualifications and a generic cover letter was drafted to introduce Angelica to prospective employees and entice them to consider her for a role. The results were extremely positive, Angelica was called in for three interviews which we wish her all the best with!

‘Just want to say thanks Kath for your help and support with rewording my cover letter and sorting my resume better, well, best!  I got results and have got 2 interviews last week and I have another interview tomorrow’